What do you WANT out of writing?


Recently I started privately celebrating the summer and winter solstice. I still “do” other summer and winter holidays with friends and family, but the private marking of solstice has become an important tradition for me.

I like to use the drama of the longest day and longest night to make a twice-yearly contract with myself. (I grew up Catholic; I love ritual).

Since I moved to the country, I get to do this while standing in front of a bonfire. This summer solstice, I made a wish for my writing, and then I lit a sparkler for it, to really seal the deal.

This is what I want:

I want to start writing something new this year. Even though I feel nervous about it, I want to jump into the earliest uncertain scratches of a first draft again, with curiosity and excitement.

We ask writers who are joining The Story Intensive to do the same thing: their first assignment is to set an intention upon registering for class.

So as writers start to fill The Story Intensive, I read their intentions, and I start to see who they are. I begin to understand what the tone of this year’s classes will feel like.

Oh, the power of a promise! I marvel at their preciseness, their vulnerability, and their clarity.

Here’s what a few of our recently registered writers have said so far:

“I want to be more honest and free in my writing.”

“I want to finish two short stories that will both make you weep and laugh.”

“I want a teacher who will push me out of my habits. I'm great at procrastinating and finding a million and one reasons NOT to write. I want accountability.“

“I’m seeking connection, feedback, courage, and tools to maybe unravel a little of the question: how in the heck does one write a story?“

“I want to learn more about writing as a craft in a safe space.”

“I am taking The Story Intensive to go deeper with my writing because right now it's too shallow. I want to find the heart of my stories, and to learn to show emotions.“

Can you feel how ready these writers are? They’re going for it, despite resistance and fear. I love it!

What would your intention be, if I asked you right now? What do you WANT?

Setting intentions for your writing is so powerful, it can be scary. Sometimes, it can help to share your intentions with others — to really make them “real.”

Finding community can be hard for writers, especially since so many of us (including me!) are natural introverts. In Episode 6 of my video series — the final episode! — I talk about the importance of finding your writing community.

>> Watch Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Registration for the Intensive closes on June 23, 2017.

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Important conversations about writing are getting started there now.


[Note: The 2017 Story Intensive is now over. For current offerings, see here.]

What happens when we lose touch with the magic of writing.
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I want to get in touch with my feelings and to be able to express them in the written word with style and class.
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