Our Team

Sarah Selecky
Author & Founder (she, her)

I’m the author of two critically-acclaimed books of fiction: This Cake Is for the Party, and Radiant Shimmering Light. I started this online writing school in 2011 to teach people how to partner with their creativity as they would with an intimate friend: with respect, curiosity, and love.⁠ Writing this way made my life (and my books) much better, and I wanted to share what I learned.

⁠I make decisions about programming, create the lesson plans for our core instruction, mentor our teachers, collaborate with authors on special programs, and write and curate the content of this website. I love that this school is non-competitive and committed to pleasure and excellence: I want people to devote themselves learning more about writing and to give themselves permission to enjoy their craft.

You can find out more about me on my website.

Program Director (he, him)

I have been involved in Sarah Selecky Writing School since its beginning, completing whatever task was needed to help run the school. Now, with our expanded team of people, I can focus on the part that I truly love—offering the highest calibre of programs that we can. As soon as you pass through the virtual doors of the school, I want you to feel supported, and cared for; I want your experience to be intuitive and beautiful and transformative; I want to offer you permission and freedom to let your creative mind flourish.

This school is a special one, and it seems to attract only the most special people. It houses a rich community of caring, generous, and talented writers who continue to amaze me with their bravery and brilliance. I hope that your experience here is prosperous and joy-filled.

Laura Gendall
Community Manager, Support (she, her)

Besides some behind the scenes work, the main thing I do is take care of the support mailbox and the Sarah Selecky Writing School community; answering questions, requests, and making sure that everyone is happy. I want everyone to feel taken care of, to know that we’re here to help out with anything you need so that you can enjoy the program and the school, everything we have to offer. Sarah Selecky Writing School is such a wonderful place for creativity and writing, for people to be, meet, reflect, and get satisfaction from their creative work. As an artist myself, I love being involved with something that brings out people’s talents and passion. This is such a special school and community, and I’m so grateful  to be a part of it.

Tammy Evans
Centered Co-ordinator (she, her)

For me, writing is about magic. As the Centered Co-ordinator, it is my responsibility to support the community in all areas. Being active in the school in various roles helps me to work with the team to develop new opportunities for you to learn, grow, and become a better writer. I truly believe Centered is a magical space and I want to support the cultivation and nurturing of your writing life. I believe the Sarah Selecky Writing School is an immersive way to grow with incredible support and dynamic resources to allow you to be the writer you are in the best possible writing container.