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Sarah Selecky Writing School

“For those asking about writing, motivation, blocks: check out the Story Course. Smart, encouraging, practical.”

Sarah Selecky Writing School

“I am so glad I pressed that button that registered me for this class. Why postpone joy? We deserve it, yes?”


These excellent courses are offered by skilled writers and teachers outside of our school. I only recommend teachers I know and trust, whose values and philosophy are aligned with ours. And if you’ve already taken the Story Course or the Story Intensive, these will complement to your study and practice!

*The following programs contain affiliate links. 

Spark Your Story
(Creative Non-fiction)

The Spark Your Story Self-Study Course Bundle with Nicole Breit will teach you why structure matters AND will give you the tools you need to write your best work.

Whether you’re new to creative nonfiction – or an experienced writer ready to get experimental! – this bundle has everything you need to reignite your passion for writing.

NOTE: The courses included in this bundle do not include live calls, 1:1 coaching or feedback.

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