Coaching & Mentorship
with Sarah Selecky

Bring your writing to the next level.

There comes a point when you don’t want to take another workshop: you want someone by your side to help you bring your work to fruition. You already know you’re a writer, and you’re ready to do your best work.

You want to work with someone you trust and respect: someone with skill and insight who can hold you accountable to your goals, with compassion.

Working 1:1 with an experienced author is profoundly valuable for writers of all genres. My own writing coaches and mentors have been key to my success as an author.

I would be honoured to be your coach or mentor this year.


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Choose an option based on the phase you’re in.

I want to get out of my own way and find myself writing easily, without resistance.

I want you to read my work and give me intuitive editorial advice as I write my next draft.

Story Is a State of Mind Breakthrough

(Mindset Coaching + Hypnosis)

This option is for you if you’re currently struggling with impostor syndrome, resistance, or negative beliefs, and you want to break that pattern. I use Timeline Therapy, hypnotherapy, and other mindset coaching techniques to help you get out of your own way and write with more ease.

My coaching is outcome-focused and highly personalized. Our work together may include weekly or bi-weekly video calls, guided meditations, and writing exercises. It does not include craft instruction or editorial advice.

This is a major reset: you will replace your old writing habits with new, more efficient ones. Once you change your state of mind, you change your writing life for the better, for good. Your breakthrough may last 1-3 months, depending on your style and how you prefer to integrate the techniques.

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(Private Thesis Advisor)

This option is for you if you’re currently looking for insight, intuition, critique, and thought partnership as you finish your book. My mentoring includes careful reading of your work as you write it, weekly calls with feedback, problem-solving, and editorial advice. If you ever get stuck in the middle of a story and you need to touch in, I’ll be there in your pocket, on Voxer.

I’ll be your writing partner for 14 weeks, supporting you in your process in the ways you need.

  • We’ll work closely together to generate or refine your short stories,  novel-in-progress, or other writing project. I will help you write your most stunning scenes as you shape your work into what it wants to be.

  • You’ll get my personalized feedback as you work on your project, and learn craft techniques by working through your own manuscript. 

  • This mentorship is designed  for those working on book-length projects, but it can be modified to match your particular needs. You can finish your book in this time we spend together — or reach whatever goal is right for you.

  • I’ll support your writing and your writing process for 14 weeks.

  • You have the opportunity to submit up to 20 new pages per week for feedback for a total of 160 pages, or a completed manuscript up to 350 pages.

  • Weekly calls with feedback, problem-solving, and editorial advice (either 30 min calls twice/week or a 1 hour call weekly).

  • Additional support with voice messages through Voxer as needed as you work through your project.

Want more detail?

Generally, this is about a 3 month program.  A sample schedule could look something like the following.*

*This plan is flexible. You and your project might need a different approach. We’ll find out what cadence works for you and your schedule, so you can work at your own pace.

Your mentorship may include these 3 components:

  • Assessment & Feedback (6 weeks)
    • Includes:
      • live calls for discussion and feedback (30 min calls twice/week or a 1 hour call weekly), and Voxer support (as needed)
      • page review (up to 20 pages/week) or complete manuscript reading (up to 350 pages)
      • problem solving and creative thought partnership

  • Implementation & Guidance (6 weeks)
    • This is deep writing time for you to implement the changes and suggestions we discussed in the first weeks.

    • Includes:
      • live calls for accountability and guidance (30 min calls twice/week or 1 hour call weekly) and Voxer support (as needed)
      • deadlines to help you finish your project and meet milestones

  • Review & Additional Feedback (2 weeks)
    • These weeks, we will gather and review.

    • Includes:
      • live calls for accountability and guidance (30 min calls twice/week or 1 hour call weekly) and Voxer support (as needed)

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Reset Your Writing Life!

Your Investment

Story Is a State of Mind Breakthrough

(Mindset Coaching + Hypnosis)

2 payments of  $2,500 USD*
($5,000 total)

with Sarah Selecky

(Private Thesis Advisor)

3 payments of $5,000 USD*
($15,000 total)

All mentorship and coaching spots are filled.
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*Other payment options are available, as long as the payments are completed by the end of the coaching or mentorship.

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“I am forever changed as a writer.”

Mentorship with Sarah made my writing more vivid, more tangible, more visceral, and embodied. And I feel like I am forever changed as a writer.

Sarah uses intuition as a tool to help you find your writing. Every time I interacted with Sarah, I was surprised by how supportive and delightful she is. And in that container of support, I really rediscovered my ability to listen to what my story had to tell me.

I can’t recommend working with Sarah enough. She’s an incredible human being. Those of us who get to work with her see that immediately. She is a unicorn.

Kelly Anderson


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