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The Story Intensive

I made the Story Intensive for smart, creative people who love to read widely and want to write and publish exciting new work. Registration for the 2021 program is open now.

Writing Space

Support your writing life for the long term. Log in for support, community, conversation, and learning. Enjoy daily writing prompts and monthly calls, attend events, and more.

Consultations & Mentorship

When you feel stuck in your writing, sometimes you just want to talk directly to someone who can help you get unstuck.

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We’re Inclusive

We welcome people of all identities, races, abilities, and interests. We share an inclusive, generous, and heart-centered point of view, and are committed to cultivating a culture of empathy and insight.

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Our Approach

We believe in the transformative power of creativity and that writing is a contemplative practice.

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Skilled and Supportive Teachers

Our teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in teaching the nuances of craft. They’re not just successful writers, they’re also past students. They have been where you are and can help guide you through our programs.

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100% Online

You can enjoy our programs from home, or wherever feels most comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you’re left on your own. In our discussion forums and small classrooms, you can get the support and engagement you need.

The Story Course
Registration is always ongoing

You want to feel more connected to your writing, get out of your own way, and find joy in the writing process.

You love the flexibility of a self-paced program, and you are ready to commit to a personal writing practice.

You want to learn craft, style, and technique, and improve your writing so it will stand out when it’s on an editor’s desk.

“I am so glad I pressed that button that registered me for this class. Why postpone joy? We deserve it, yes?”

— Karen Florek

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Recent Posts

How to write with wonder and tune into metaphor.

We are all interconnected.   Made of the same universal fibres. Woven into the same fabric.  Life mirrors itself in infinite directions. Energies. Colours. “Coincidences.” At all scales.  This numinous web is the ultimate source of metaphor. When we tune into this source, we can more easily spot patterns, echoes, hidden meanings — the seemingly random… [Read More]

What satisfies most writers: it’s not what you think

The most satisfying part of writing is making contact with the unknown.  Since we were young children, we writers have been enchanted by mystery, drawn to that place where we glimpse something greater than ourselves. It still gives us a sense of wonder, astonishment, and deep belonging, doesn’t it? As adults, getting through that portal… [Read More]

The courage to transform through story.

To close this month’s theme of courage, I’m talking about possibly the hardest thing we undergo as writers:  Transformation.  When we’re truly moved by writing that amazes us, what we are actually feeling is the transformation the writer experienced through the creation of her work.  Even when we write about characters who appear to be… [Read More]

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