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Jesse McQuay

Ijust wanted to email to say a big thank you for the community and knowledge I’ve gotten through Centered and the Intensive.  Today everything came together and I’m seeing the fruits of my labour/practice pay off.  I can see it working. Thank you for your community, monthly calls, guest lecturers, kind words and expertise.  Loving it.

— Jesse McQuay

Thank you SO much for creating Centered ... Something about the space, the structure, the gentleness of it all is so inviting. I’ve really been surprised how much I am enjoying sharing my pieces as well as reading and engaging with others’ work. I’ve been writing more in the last two weeks than I have in the entire first half of the year. Thank you!

— Diane Douiyssi

Diane Douiyssi
Julie Gabrielli

Centered is the community I’ve been waiting for. An opportunity to connect with thoughtful, kind, brilliant writers from all over the world. It is an unparalleled opportunity for daily practice and sharing — truly a supportive, inspiring place to nurture my writing.

— Julie Gabrielli

The intention and care that you all put into Centered, and the writing school as a whole, is truly inspiring. I’ve never been in a community offering quite like what you, Sarah, and the team have created. I’m having a ball in it and love that it is a dip-in-and-out-with-no-pressure vibe. 

— Woz Flint

Woz Flint

Sarah Selecky Writing School

“It is so worth it! I love Centered and what it has brought me since 2020 — love, community, and sparkling support.”

Centered Centered

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“I have grown so much in confidence thanks to the encouraging comments and support from others. It has really helped to get me focused. I’ve enjoyed my daily free write so much. It’s been invaluable!”

Sarah Selecky Writing School

“Thank you so much for creating Centered ... This is the first time I have had the chance to really share my everyday writing and I love it!”


Ican't imagine a better place to build community and get back into sharing your work and finishing stories. I've found the Centered calls and guest talks highly motivating and the other writers unfailingly kind, insightful, and open to all of life's joy.

One of my best experiences here was participating in a reading. I was terrified the whole time, but it was so worth it. If you are looking for a place to share live, I highly recommend the readings.

— Michelle Flythe

Ireally love the feel and atmosphere of Centered. I also love the platform and how intuitive and easy it is to use. It’s a beautiful space! ...  I am really happy to be a part of the community! Thank you for creating it!

— Nancy Sulaiman


Diana Dinerman

Using Centered to enrich my writing practice has done wonders for my state of mind and my writing. It keeps me connected to my creativity, even when I am struggling to produce work in my own practice. It reminds me to write for pleasure.

— Diana Dinerman


“Reading people’s stories and comments in the forum is a highlight of my day.”

— Sola Raynor 


There is something about Sarah's approach, the insightful and encouraging method and teachers that she puts together, and the writers that collect around her that I appreciate. It's good to be here.

— Ivy

I love EVERYTHING about Centered, and feel privileged to continue supporting and being part of its growth and evolution...so much potential!

—Vitra Kalsi 

This has been a wonderful home for me and invaluable in my early morning free writes. For over a year I posted and responded to others in the Daily Prompts Sphere and found the experience supportive and nurturing. I’ve had four stories published in literary journals that evolved from prompt free writes, and several published that evolved out of the process I have come to trust under your teaching. 

What a community you have created! Many thanks.

— Shira Musciant

Cheryl Acrcher-1

I absolutely loved participating in Centred’s Reading event. You’d think it might be frightening to read brand new work to strangers, albeit writers, on a Zoom call. But it was the exact opposite. Having read each others’ prompt responses in Centred, this event was a celebration of writing and reading amongst friends. And Ryan, our moderator, kept everything lively and completely comfortable. I’ve had the opportunity to read at the Banff Centre as well as UBC during my MFA, but neither offered quite this experience of intimacy and connection. I highly recommend Centred’s Reading Series (and everything about Centred!).

— Cheryl Archer

I not only love Centered and its community, but the entire online school itself. I appreciate all the work you and the others put into it. Your efforts have impacted the lives of us writers. Your school is why I didn't give up on writing. Thank you for everything you do and making these wonderful classes and communities possible!

— Cindy Bahl

Cindy Bahl