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Writing Practice Sessions

March 3 — April 13, 2024

We’re bringing this much-loved program back next month for all Centered members to enjoy.

This six-week, self-guided course uses audio prompts to inspire you, keep you focused, and connect you to an active writing community.

Every Sunday we drop a new audio lesson that guides you through one hour of deep writing prompts and exercises. These sessions are simple, beautiful, unexpected: all writers are welcome, regardless of genre or experience.

Try these sessions, and remember how much you love writing, and install a habit that makes your writing practice more consistent. 

Free for Centered members.
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The Revision Course

With Sonal Champsee
April 1 To June 7, 2024

How do you turn your first draft into a well-crafted story? What do you do with overwhelming and contradictory feedback? How can you use your voice, when you don’t know what that is? Created and led by Sonal Champsee, this program teaches you how to strengthen your understanding of craft, become a braver writer, and write a new version of your story. Revise your short story.

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Creative Nonfiction

With Nicole Baute
April 22 — June 12, 2024

Have you ever read a beautiful passage in a novel or memoir and felt immediately in your gut that it was true? Not true as in factual, but true as in raw and real. True as in you feel an instant connection with the writer. You trust them. You believe them. You want to spend more time in their world.

It doesn’t take superhuman skill or extraordinary life experiences to write in this way. It takes permission.

Learn how to write about the truth of your life experience with a sense of purpose. Finish with a personal essay you’re proud of and much more.

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Story Intensive

The Story Intensive

August 26, 2024 — January 10, 2025

Ready to become a writer? This five-month program brings a philosophy of compassion into a serious curriculum, and gives you the feedback, deadlines, and accountability you need to be successful. Work with a mentor and a small writing group and learn new techniques that help you write well in any genre. Finish what you start, and bring joy into your creative process.

Become a writer. 

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Sarah Selecky + Katy Bowman

Pages and Poses: 
Writing and Movement

With Katy Bowman & Sarah Selecky
September 20 — September 22, 2024

Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, New York

Discover how movement can support your body, energize your writing, and feed your creative process in this inspiring writing workshop.

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Pens and Cards: 
Writing and Tarot

With Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady)
October 18 — October 20, 2024

Prince Edward County, Ontario

Learn how to use tarot to inspire your writing.

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Want to meet other writers? Log in for support and conversation in a writing community you’ll love. Find a writing partner and enjoy daily writing prompts, feedback, and monthly workshops that help you grow as a writer. Be more productive! Join co-writing sessions, work with guest mentors, discover what writers are reading, share your work in our live readings, and more.

Find your writing community.

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The Story Course

Can you learn to become a good writer? YES! Learn craft, style, and technique, and make your writing more meaningful. The Story Course is our foundational program, and helps you write in a new and better way, using emotion, description, self-care, and courage. This is a self-paced program that teaches you how to become a writer without a degree. Recommended for all writers.

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21 Days of Writing

How do you start writing a book? You write every day. But how do you start writing? Baby steps. Build a habit without feeling overwhelmed.

This 21-day challenge helps you write every day, with manageable daily assignments and a habit tracker to keep you motivated. Start writing now.

Registration is ongoing.

Coaching & Mentorship

With Sarah Selecky

How do you get out of your own way? Get the support you need to write consistently. Replace your old patterns with new habits, and stop struggling with procrastination, impostor syndrome, resistance, and other negative beliefs. Coaching and mentorship with Sarah Selecky is outcome-focused and highly personalized. Recommended for writers who are highly committed to life change and/or book completion.

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