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I'm celebrating the completion of the leadership training I’ve privately been studying for the past year. I am thrilled to announce that I am now a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy Coach!

I started this work for personal reasons. Linguistics and neurochemistry have always fascinated me (words + embodied thoughts are my jam).

After mentoring writers of all levels for decades, I wanted to know: why do some people work joyfully, while others struggle with resistance? Skill, accolades, and publishing success did not seem to make a lasting difference to their happiness and fulfilment. It had to be something else — so I began to investigate the psychology of motivation.

The more I learned, the more I began to enjoy my life.

Even cooler, I understood the theory behind these techniques, and why they work. Pathways in the brain are formed and reinforced through repetition: in other words, neurons that fire together, wire together. For example: if you’ve spent hours at your desk feeling frustrated, then every time you look at your desk, you’re likely to feel frustrated — even before you sit down!

With my new training, I learned how to rewire myself. The most exciting part: I was using my creative writing skills to do it.

As a writer, you know that words have the power to create feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It makes sense that the stories we tell ourselves create chemistry in our brains. This is what we do on the page every day.

Learning how we create stories for ourselves is like reading the operations manual to being human. Once you learn how, you can readily choose how you want to re-write yourself. You can clear and resolve your old stories. You can integrate parts of yourself that are in conflict. 

You can finish writing your book — without getting in your own way.

The techniques I use in my coaching are outcome-focused, and incredibly powerful for writers who face resistance, self-doubt, and fears of failure or success. I loved learning these skills, and had life-changing breakthroughs with my own coaches.

Several months and many hours of practice later, I’ve completed my Practitioner Training. That means that if you have a problem that feels unsolvable in your writing life, I can guide you in your own breakthrough.

Want to re-write an old story you have about yourself? Tired of repeating old patterns year after year? Ready to update to your writing life in a big way? Do you want me to be your coach?

Talk to me about your Story Is a State of Mind Breakthrough.




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