10 new things I’m excited to share with you.


The 10th Anniversary edition of the Story Course launched a few days ago. 

Thank you so much for celebrating this milestone with me!

Over the past 10 years the Story Course has protected writers, respected their intelligence, and taught them how to pay attention to magic. 

And this year, we made it even better.

Today, I’m pleased to share 10 NEW things you can find in the new edition of the Story Course.

  1. A “mark as complete” button at the end of every lesson component. So satisfying to click!

  2. Pre- and post-writing rituals that help us access our creativity and transition back to reality (also known as somatic practices).

  3. Prompts for intention-setting and reflection at the end of each lesson.

  4. More writing by Indigenous, Black, and people of colour featured in the lessons and readings.

  5. Two new videos from me for every lesson, professionally filmed on location at Skybarn (my home).

  6. Online timers to help you get into a flow state without distraction.

  7. A progress tracker at the top of the classroom that shows you exactly how far you are in the course and keeps you motivated to continue.

  8. Completely redesigned PDF versions of the entire course, for those who wish to download and print for a tactile experience.

  9. An online bookstore, so you can purchase any of the titles you would like to read in full.

  10. And lastly, a bonus: take a look at the different tops I wear in each lesson’s lecture video. Do you notice anything?

Are you ready to start writing right now?

Join me and be part of the next decade of confident, visionary, creative writers making it happen!

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Photo (top): Michelle Ventura on Pexels

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