New! A one-on-one session with me in 2017.


 What a week or two it’s been. The news about UBC has made my heart ache. It’s hard to see this happening to one of Canada’s best creative writing programs (and my alma mater).

I’m tired from news stories, fatigued by Facebook. A dear friend wrote me recently asking, “When will I be functional again?”

I feel it, too. It’s hard to make dinner plans right now, let alone decide what I want to be doing in 2017.

But through all of this, I do know one thing that restores me: spending more time with my writing.

It always works. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing right now, other than writing and helping other writers. I’ve set a deadline for the second draft of my novel—January 2nd. (I’m sharing that date with you, to help me commit to it.)

That means I must be fierce about keeping my writing time for writing, and saying no to many non-writing related opportunities.

All of this to say, it feels very good to be able to give you the support of a writing workshop early next year.

Isn’t this actually the perfect time to be writing?

And I’ve added something new to the program:

Every writer in The Story Workshop 2017 will receive a one-on-one session with me!

You’ll give and receive feedback and critique during the 8 weeks of The Story Workshop, and then you’ll set up your appointment with me to discuss next steps. This is a coaching call that you can direct. Things you might want to discuss:

• Your writing process
• Strategies to make time for your writing
• Questions or insights that came up for you during the program
• Special assignments from me, to advance your learning
• Career and livelihood direction

Really, you can ask me anything in your one-on-one.

Registration for The Story Workshop closes in one week. If you haven’t met our 2017 teachers yet, go here to learn more about Jennifer, Nicole, Lana, Diana and Sonal.

They’re all talented, intelligent writers with exceptional hearts. I have so much respect for these women. You may choose who you’d like to work with in February, or you can leave that up to me.

With love,

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[Editor’s note: The 2017 Story Workshop is now over. For current offerings, see here.]

Introducing The Story Workshop's 2017 Teachers.
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