Big News! Welcome to our new website!


We have big news here at Story Is a State of Mind—an AMAZING MAGICAL NEW WEBSITE that we are ready to show you!

Turns out we were accidentally hiding our light under a bushel with our old website.

Remember that survey you generously filled out for us last summer?

Well, when we asked, our community of more than 11,000 subscribers told us that not everyone realized just how many programs we offer, and how many people are involved in making those programs happen (honestly, I can hardly believe it myself). That needed to change.

Obviously, we needed to show you who we really are as this big, bright school we’ve become.

The Internet is the Narnia of our time. We designed the new website to feel like walking through a wardrobe and entering a world that is expansive and where magic can happen—just as it is with our school.

My wish: a digital home for writers, but without any digital distractions.

Last summer, I asked Brooke Semple of Seesaw Design to make us a website that inspires writers — a site unlike any website I’ve seen before. I knew I was going to adore working with Brooke when I said, “no Anthropologie catalogue photography” and she said, “I totally get it.”

It’s not every day that you find a designer who understands what you mean by “a sparkly feeling at the top of your head” and “like being inside a prism of light.” Brooke understood.

And after a year of creation… we are so pleased to present our school’s online dream home!

Story Is a State of Mind School is about cultivating a state of mind. Our over-stimulated minds need a break. Our school is an invitation to white space and reflection.

The new website is devoted to clarity, simplicity and joy.

It’s a place where writing comes first, and the imagination is restored.

The website is easy to navigate, is beautifully streamlined, and includes a whole new classroom experience, as well as an updated look for our foundation program: The Story Course (formerly known as the Story Is a State of Mind course).

Throughout the site, you’ll notice that I’m still there as your guide, but there are other voices too.

One of the things I’m most excited about showing you is our About pages, where you can meet our staff, our faculty, and our luminous guest contributors (not to brag, but the list includes authors like Margaret Atwood and George Saunders).

Please go enjoy our new website, and feel the enchantment. I hope it inspires you to slow down, find a clear space in a busy day, and write. If you have a moment, send us a note and tell us what you think.


Sarah Selecky

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