Being not doing


Your body has an awareness that is not connected to thinking.

For now, let go of your desk, the news, your home, your refrigerator, your bed, your notebook.

Give yourself twenty minutes. Go outside. Leave your phone at home.

If you can, go where there are trees and birds and not so much packaging. A city park will do, or a trail.

Being in nature connects you to your nature.

You don’t have to do all the time.

When you let yourself leave words out of your experience, you invite deep insight.

There’s a sense-connected, un-ambitious way of being that reminds you that you are yourself, the way an animal is always itself.

This is your mind without language, a feeling-state that exists without judgment or naming or articulation.

This state of mind is a kindness for all of us.

For writers, especially.

It could take you a while to find a quiet moment.

Focus on small things to help bring your state of mind back: the texture of tree bark, the sound of a chickadee.

This is not “for” anything. This is just being. For twenty minutes, let yourself do this.

When you hear yourself hearing, feel yourself feeling, or see yourself seeing, it is a reminder that you are, you are, you are.


Photo credit (top): Oleg Magni from Pexels

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Bronwyn Melville

Thank you for somehow always guiding me back to my original mind. I find these blogs so helpful.
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