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Join me in London, England for a three-day writing workshop!

Friday, May 31 to Sunday, June 2, 2019
Registration closes May 10, 2019

Writers will workshop their middle drafts together, and receive feedback and practical guidance on how to finish their work. I will read every piece and provide critiques, as well as facilitating discussion with the class. Open to writers of short fiction, novel, memoir, or creative nonfiction.

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When you find yourself writing about intellectualized concepts rather than concrete details that can be felt in the human body, you’re moving into abstraction. This can be seductive for smart writers, because using your intellect and language this way feels clever, and it can be fun to write. It’s also a way for a writer… [Read More]

Who gets to tell Indigenous stories?

In your writing, I always say: remember to enjoy yourself. Take a risk — go into the unknown. Write the forbidden. Give yourself permission to write something you want to read. This advice comes with a caveat. If you are a non-Indigenous writer and you are writing an Indigenous story, consult a sensitivity reader and/or… [Read More]

How to Write An Ending.

As you get closer to the end of your story draft, it might feel more difficult to write. Writing the first part of your story requires curiosity: it’s about set-up, detail, exploration. Writing the middle part of your story requires bravery: it’s about putting your characters in tough situations. You make things difficult for them…. [Read More]

“For those asking about writing, motivation, blocks: check out Story is a State of Mind. Smart, encouraging, practical.”

— Margaret Atwood

The Story Course
Registration is always ongoing

You want to feel more connected to your writing, get out of your own way, and find joy in the writing process.

You love the flexibility of a self-paced program, and you are ready to commit to a personal writing practice.

You want to learn craft, style, and technique, and improve your writing so it will stand out when it’s on an editor’s desk.

“I am so glad I pressed that button that registered me for this class. Why postpone joy? We deserve it, yes?”

— Karen Florek

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The Story Intensive

I made the Story Intensive for smart, creative people who love to read widely and want to write and publish exciting new work. Registration for the 2019 semester is now open.


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When you feel stuck in your writing, sometimes you just want to talk directly to someone who can help you get unstuck.

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