10 writers who got to publish their books.


I often say that concentrating on publishing and marketing your story or book is a distraction. If you’re busy thinking about getting published, you may be skipping the part of writing where you get more curious and engaged with the work itself, and discover what was previously unknown to you — where you feed your relationship to your writing. That’s the source of energy, creative connection, and, frankly, good writing. That’s the source I want you to connect to. 

However. Once you’ve connected to that mystery — once you have established a writing practice you trust and have finished a draft that continues to surprise you every time you read it — you might be ready for publication.

Today, I’m pleased to present you with a sampling of Story Course alumni who have gone on to publish their books.

This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it presented in any order.

It is here to serve as inspiration.

What are you capable of, if you put in the work? If you find that connection?

Enroll in the Story Course and find out.


  1. Mamaskatch by Darrel J. McLeod

  2. Zolitude by Paige Cooper

  3. Fishing for Birds by Linda Quennec

  4. Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox by Danielle Daniel

  5. You Are Not What We Expected by Sidura Ludwig

  6. The Turnaway Girls by by Hayley Chewins

  7. In the Red Canoe by Leslie A. Davidson

  8. Born Again, Again by Kathy Martens

  9. One Scheme of Happiness by Ali Thrum

  10. How to Catch a Bear Who Loves To Read by Andrew Katz

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