Why is creative writing so important?


A healthy society has a healthy relationship to creativity. People in a dysfunctional society are afraid to make art, or they’re dismissive of it.

Distraction, fear and fatigue often come up in times of transition. These are normal responses to the hard work of transformation.

Old cultural stories are crumbling, and this is an excellent opportunity for healing and creation. Words are powerful magic. Stories can transport us. Writers make culture and show us how to experience transformation.

Our artistic practice helps us navigate confusion on our way to understanding. It helps us build resilience. This is why creative writing is so important.

I want us to be nurturing healthy relationships with our writing craft and the magic of story. And our relationship to creativity might need extra care and attention right now.

I want us to write whatever we want beautifully, imperfectly, in the face of fear, without permission from the status quo.

This is what I believe:

✯ Art is important and life-giving.

✯ Creative writing is a contemplative art that requires attention, curiosity and love.

✯ When we have a deep, reliable connection to our spirit, we make art that can heal, delight, and lead us.

✯ We connect to our creative spirit with more pleasure and ease when we focus together.

Everything we do at SSWS revolves around these principles.

Our core values turn into inspired collective action in our online community for writers, Centered.

Join us for community, an active discussion forum, feedback on your writing, monthly calls with me, office hours with our Writers & Creatives in Residence, and much more.

Here's to more connection, more creative spirit, and more love.


Sarah Selecky

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