Time is made out of rest.


Rest is not a waste of time, it’s the way you make time.

Base your writing life on rest. Consider your sleep as writing time. Take naps. Stare out the window into middle space. Act as though you have all the time in the world to write your book. 

Tell yourself, I have so much time. 

When you’re well rested, you see more connections. You have better ideas. You’re replenished and feel more sane. You use your skills in more interesting ways, with care and thought. This makes you more productive, efficient, and resilient. 

Rest makes you a better writer. 

Productivity is irrelevant when you’re in a whole-minded state. A milkweed pod does not tell itself, I have value because I complete my tasks. A piece of granite does not believe, if I do good work now, I can rest later. Everything they are doing is what they are being. It’s in their nature.

Writing is in your nature. If doing it doesn’t feel like being, then you just need to take a rest. 

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Photo credit (top): Anne Nygård on Unsplash.

When is it time to write?

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Stacy Gardner

I really love this earthly mellow non-striving creative sensitive sentiment. 

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