THIS is how you make time for writing!


Writers on the west coast: this is especially for you.

I know it's really difficult to make time for your writing. Here’s something that’s going to help.

Starting this Monday — November 6th — join me once a week at 6:00am PT to write for 90 minutes, before you do anything else in your day.

This is like a yoga, meditation or exercise class for your writing. It's writing practice — it warms up your writing "muscles." 

It gets you in the state of mind where you are readily receiving images, scenes and dialogue without having to force anything. 

Writing practice is the foundation of a writing life, and you can make time for this.

All you have to do is show up. Find out more in my new video message:

[Note: This Writing Practice Session is now over. See our current offerings, here.]


Sarah Selecky

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