The Story Intensive early registration closes tomorrow.


A story is a mysterious organism. It has its own sense of itself. And the sense it makes is a very different kind of sense than a political argument or a corporate memo.

Books show us who we are and connect us to each other, by giving us stories we can empathize with: stories that hold joy, pain, and mystery; paradox, uncertainty, and breakthrough.

The gift of creative writing is that it makes us feel less alone.

We’re all so lonely right now — we’re living in digital bubbles, divided from each other by algorithms, feeling unseen and strange.

If you’re a writer, you have the antidote for this loneliness crisis. You have it within yourself.

Early registration for the Story Intensive closes tomorrow — April 14th. This is a reminder to register now, if you’d like to take the program this fall.

The Story Intensive is a way to deepen your engagement with your writing and practice how to write what you want to read, alongside a community of writers.

You’ll learn how to use your voice, and take risks in your sentences. You’ll feel less isolated, and you’ll make writing friends. This year we have built an updated classroom for seamless learning, and I’ve filmed new videos for each lesson. I’m excited!

Over the past six years, we’ve been fortunate to have received feedback from our graduates on how to improve it. And we’ve listened: we keep making it better and better.

It’s a program exactly like nothing else.

I run the Story Intensive for four full months because the changes happen in and through your work. Your writing becomes a part of who you are when you finish. That’s not something that you can learn without experiencing it: you have to do it to feel it.

The Story Intensive will help you write something that makes you feel proud and amazed.

“The Intensive felt like reunion for me, like coming home to a way of reading and writing that I had been missing. It reconnected me with a certain world of words that I had gotten away from and didn’t know how to find again. And the facility with writing that I gained in The Intensive has stayed with me.”
— Alison Gresik

We still have spaces open until tomorrow. If you want to write with us in the Story Intensive this year, secure your spot now. The rest of the spots will become available in June.

Thank you,

Sarah Selecky

ps. If you’re wondering whether the Intensive is right for you, write to, and we can help you make your decision.

[Editor’s note: this post contains dates that are no longer relevant. For current offerings, see here.]

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