The Birthday Experiment


Wow. To everyone who participated in Giftivism last Monday: Thank you. Welcome. Thank you.

For 24 hours, a meteor shower of generosity and creativity flooded the Sarah Selecky Writing School headquarters. I read every single message that was sent along with every single gift. Honestly, it's taken me a few days to recuperate from it: I was overwhelmed in the best way.

Here are just a few wishes:

“My wish for the writer to whom I'm gifting this program is that their writing practice will charge their moments with booming fullness – for themselves, and for the people around them they love most.”

“I recently left my job to embark on a freelance career. For the first time, I'm spending my days doing what I love. I hope this gift can act as a catalyst for the recipient, towards making a similar change in their life.”

“My wish for the writer who receives this is to have the simple gift of sitting down every day to write. And being open and honest about what comes up.”

“ ‘When we are lost in darkness and see a distant glimmer of light, who does not dream of a thatched cottage or, to go more deeply still into legend, of a hermit's hut?’ May this gift be your hermits' hut, may it shelter your body and give space to your wandering mind to settle. May it house a private wealth so one day, without knowing, I'll find myself reading it under the sun.”

Powerful stuff. On Tuesday, almost 100 brand new Story Coursers around the world were gifted the writing program. These gifts were presented with love-filled wishes and fist-punches of support -- generosity that brought me to my knees. And now they’re all starting Lesson One together, even though they might not know each other.

I’m humbled, honoured, and deeply inspired.

Thank you for the best birthday ever.


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It's my birthday! Gifts for everybody!
How to end a short story: a case study.

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I'm new to SSM and just reading your Archives. I am sooooo sorry I missed this! Hoping for a repeat this year!
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