A Live Semester that Teaches You How to Be a Better Writer.

A Live Semester that Teaches You How to Be a Better Writer.

Our next semester:
August 26, 2024 — January 10, 2025


Registration for this Semester is Closed.

There may still be a few spots available. Please contact us directly to inquire.
If you are interested in our next semester of the Story Course Intensive, please join our wait list.








You love writing.

You’ve loved it forever. You know that with deliberate study and practice, you could become a better writer and get published.

You’re right. The only problem is: how? 

You want to learn at a high level, but your life is full. You know how to focus, but you need a flexible schedule.
You want a writing program that teaches you how to be a good writer, and it needs to fit your life as it is now.

You want to be a writer, and you're ready.

Writers must write!

That's because when we're writing, we get to use our intellect and our intuition at the same time, and this makes us feel whole.

None of the other things we’re supposed to hustle to accomplish in gives us the profound feeling of belonging we get from being in relationship with our writing. 

In the Story Course Intensive, you will emerge from being an “aspiring writer” and learn how to craft your work and show up as a professional. 

After our semester of learning and practice, you’ll feel confident about your skills as a writer, be clear about your own voice and strengths, and have a dynamite first draft you’re proud to share and publish.

You’ll finally see yourself as a real writer, and others will see it, too. 


Honour your writing

by learning craft and technique.


Stories are our witnesses, healers, teachers, and friends. They teach us how to stay curious. They hold us when our dilemma is unresolvable. They show us how to be human. 

From Baba Yaga to Shakespeare to the Simpsons, stories are all around us. They’re like the mycelium network in our cultural soil, signalling what’s possible. What’s normal. What’s beautiful. What’s funny, mysterious, and true.

There is power and potential in our stories. It’s the reason we want to hear them, share them, and write them well.

It's also the reason we take ourselves so seriously, even when we're trying to write a first draft.

To write our stories is an act of connection.

To unfasten our perfectionism is an act of self-love.

Our logical minds help us thrive as adults in the workplace, but they can fray our relationship to our own creativity. The Story Course Intensive helps you reclaim and revalue that relationship for yourself.

You will learn how to loosen your rationalizing mind so you can connect fluidly to source through the art of writing. Just being with your creative voice becomes its own reward.

At the same time, you’ll have the structure, support, and high-level training to turn your ideas into a finished, well-crafted story.

A story you’re proud to share.


Write fiction that feels true. Write non-fiction that feels like an incredible story.


The Story Course Intensive gives you the intensity and intimacy of an MFA semester with more affordable tuition and careful feedback that builds you up as you learn craft and technique.


You're nurtured by an eclectic circle of talent. You meet writers in an inclusive professional network. You receive meaningful, directional feedback. And you have what you need to finish your story.

Taking the Story Course Intensive is like giving your writing a super-vitamin. 

Go from blank page to dynamite
first draft in five months.


Our focus is on creative short fiction, however the container of the Intensive has been valuable to memoirists, novelists, and poets alike. The creative techniques we teach are suitable to any genre.


Our Intensive writers are a diverse group: authors, communications professionals, lawyers, high school grads, recovering academics. Some are published novelists, some haven’t written creatively for years, or ever.


Beginners, seasoned writers, and rusty artists all benefit from the Intensive’s holistic coursework. It’s extremely thorough writing study — including deep reading — that ratchets up your skills quickly.


Top Benefits and Outcomes.


Deep Companionship with your writing

Your writing is valuable. It gets to be the love of your life. Unconditional. Reliable. Trustworthy. But still mysterious. Alive. When your writing knows you will show up, it rewards you with endless surprises.

A Dynamite First Draft that Develops Your Voice

Intensive stories are as unique as each writer. Study is rigorous, but rubrics are few. We simply want you to finish a story that teaches you something true about life, and leaps you forward on your artistic path. Those are our standards.

The Craft That Makes Work Satisfying

Wherever you’re at, we sharpen your toolset. Creative writing can be taught. You’ll have fun nerding-out, spotting technique in everything you read; and then, you’ll learn to let go and trust your new skills as pen meets page, without spoiling the mystery.

An Embodied Writing Practice

It’s not just about page count, it’s about the quality of your words. Your heart, body, and psyche are cared for in this program. You’ll get used to moving emotion through your body and onto the page, using all five senses, so the truth of what you write is deeply felt.

The Integrated Life of a Writer

Every writer is different, but many of our struggles are the same. Solidarity with other writers is vital in this beautiful and unreasonable life we choose. You’ll walk out of the Intensive knowing how to centre writing in your life, without it being an existential crisis.


You belong to the legacy of writing.

Learn to live there.



Prioritize your writing time. Meet other writers who inspire you to work. Learn to write with curiosity, presence, and technique.



August 26, 2024 — January 10, 2025


The sooner you sign up for the Intensive, the sooner you get to enjoy your free Centered membership!


Here’s What You’re Getting

in the Story Course Intensive.


A Handpicked Class Where Everybody Gets to Know Each Other’s Work

You now belong to a writing group of 4-8 people. No bigger than when I first taught the Intensive in my living room! And unlike campus, you will not be randomly shuffled. 

I carefully pore over your intake form. I put students and teachers together because I believe they will deeply benefit from each others’ interests, hopes, and experiences.  

I want you to join a circle where it’s safe to share the first sparks of your new work, knowing your classmates will do a careful review and let you know what works and why.


One of the goals of this program is to take away barriers to learning and make it feel easeful and nourishing for you to share your experience. If you would like to be in a BIPOC-only or LGBTQ+-only class, let me know. With enough participants (6 per class), we can make this happen. 

A Devoted Teacher Offers Feedback, Guidance, and Accountability

Our Teachers are all incredibly talented, working authors who bring their own brilliance to the coursework. They are here to make sure you are doing the exercises and trying out new techniques, while helping you develop your story, voice, and style.

Want to choose your teacher?

While not all teachers will be teaching every session, we may be able to accommodate your preferences.  Reach out to us if you have a specific teacher request.

Twelve Live Check-In Calls With Your Class and Teacher

Approximately every other week, your class comes together for a live Zoom call to check in and support each other. Every teacher may choose to lead their calls differently, but above all this is your opportunity to get to know your class, share your progress, and see where you need more support. 

*Recordings Included

A Virtual Interactive Classroom Gives You Flexibility & Structure

The Story Course Intensive requires time and commitment. That’s the intense part: it’s not a light and frothy course, and it does matter that you show up. The good news is you do the work when it works for you, in your timezone, in our beautiful, easy-to-use online platform.

A Schedule That Prioritizes Focus & Rest

Rest gives your brain time to digest what you’re learning and quietly find solutions to writing craft puzzles. Making time for not-writing boosts your creativity and your capacity to learn new skills, and it makes the time you do spend writing much more productive and satisfying. During our rest and digest weeks, your creative mind is free to play and invent. You’ll experience new insights and creative aha moments, and come back to class feeling clear and excited to make creative decisions.


Your Schedule:

August 26, 2024 – January 10, 2025
Rest + Digest: October 7 to 13
Rest + Digest: December 16 to 29



On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays students spend one hour engaging in their classroom discussion forum, and one additional hour on reading and writing. You’re also expected to do 10-minute daily exercises (as often as you possibly can!) and have the opportunity to dive deeper into our treasure trove of course content. 


+ A Self-Directed Writing Week for Your Final Assignment!

This is the part where you take time off work, shut down all distractions, and just write for a full week. Get your autoresponder ready. Finally, you have a good excuse. And you’re bursting with creativity from all the training you’ve done so far. You’re ready to write your story.



One-on-one Calls
with Sarah Selecky

As an Intensive writer, you have the opportunity to book one-on-one calls with me at a special rate.

Bring me your curious characters, your tricky plot points, and all of your writing questions. I’m excited to meet you on Zoom, talk about your writing, and help you reframe anything that’s getting in your way. 

The Story Course Curriculum to Develop Your Craft

The Story Course Intensive is a committed, rigorous, and high-touch semester of working through my signature lesson plan, The Story Course.* It’s a powerful 7-lesson course full of skillful techniques and creative rituals you’ll use in your writing forever. In the Intensive, you’ll spend 1-2 weeks moving through each lesson with your class. At the end you’ll have a feeling of transformation and respect for the writer you’ve become.

*Lifetime Access

Membership in  Centered


As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive free access to our private writer’s forum, Centered. As a Centered member, you’re invited to attend monthly Co-Writing and Conversation sessions with me, attend live workshops with our monthly guest mentors, and attend our regular Read Like a Writer Book Club and Reading Series.

Within this space, you belong to a group of people as committed to the writing life as you are. Continue as a Centered member to stay in touch and continue to share your work long after the Intensive is complete.

If you know you want to take the Story Course Intensive this year, you might as well sign up now and benefit from all the excellent Centered programming in the meantime!

(If you're already in Centered, you'll get complimentary membership as soon as you register.)

Start your free access to Centered as soon as you sign up!

“Taking the Story Intensive has convinced me that I am indeed a writer.”
— Jenny Stewart

See more praise for the Intensive.


 Story Course Intensive
MindShare Sessions:

A Series of Talks on Process & Technique

Full Recording Library

Francesca Lia Block, Eden Robinson, Karen Joy Fowler, George Saunders, and Ann Patchett are just a few of the writers who’ve taught Intensive students over the years. You’ll have access to the entire library of over a dozen deep dive conversations and interviews.

MindShare Sessions


What You’ll Learn in

the Story Course Intensive.


Skillful Feedback that Builds You Up & Makes You Better

Skillful feedback is useful to both the giver and the receiver. When you start the Intensive, you practice “spark catching”. We focus only on what’s working for us — what sparkles —  so that early ideas have the strength to grow into brilliant stories. Towards the end, you consider constructive critique to tune up your story and make it sing.

Daily Unfastening Exercises to Empower Your Inner Creator

It’s surprising how much magic can come from this small daily writing habit. It could be initially uncomfortable, but the more you unfasten your logical mind, the more you’ll learn to trust your intuition as you write. It only takes ten minutes a day to build up your connection with that inner creator, so you can write your first drafts better — the first time.

Reading Assignments that Sharpen Your Writing

Go ahead. Bury your nose in your books. It’s for your Intensive! More importantly, it’s what writers do. As you move through the course’s fiction anthology companion (ready to print at your local shop or view on any device) you’ll learn to read with a writer's eye and integrate your influences intentionally, without being derivative.


Writing can be intense.

Our team comes together to make sure this ecosystem stays healthy.


Trauma-Aware Somatic Practices for the Creative Soul

We live in a traumatizing world. It hasn’t always been safe for many of us to express freely, particularly if we have one or more marginalized identities. Somatic therapy can help us heal and regulate our nervous systems, so we can reclaim our creative ground. 

I’ve brought in my friend and colleague, Trauma-Aware Somatic Coach Annie Bray to develop the guided audio practices you’ll find in each Story Course lesson. They’re here to help you feel more resourced as you write deep scenes. 

Annie Bray circle

A Well-Resourced Team Helping Us Co-Regulate

Our Intensive teachers have support. They are resourced. And they have strong energetic leadership. Rena Willis is our Lead Teacher. She coordinates behind the scenes, debriefs after lessons, and glues us all together. As events unfold in our spaces and around the world, we’re privileged to have Rena taking the temperature so we can all co-regulate together. 


Let’s Meet.

To see if this program would be a good fit for you right now, book a 15 minute call with me.

Book a Discovery Call

Let’s Meet.

To see if this program would be a good fit for you right now, book a 15 minute call with me.

Book a Discovery Call


You’re receiving the newest version of my flagship curriculum, t
he Story Course, including updated videos, readings, and content. Together with your Intensive class, you’ll work through all seven lessons over the course of the semester, resulting in an excellent finished first draft.

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Video Tutorials teaching you craft, techniques, and creative mindset shifts you’ll use in your writing forever. 

  • Audio Recordings including focused instruction, reading analysis, luminous inspiration, and somatic therapy practices.  

  • In-Depth Writing Exercises that evolve your relationship with writing, moving you towards your story in unexpected ways. 

  • Selected Readings chosen for technical brilliance, which is learnable, and uniqueness, which will inspire your own voice.

  • Class Notes that you can save or print off so you have the most valuable lessons with you as you write.

  • Somatic Practices each lesson offers guided audios to help you stay grounded as you write deep scenes.

“For those asking about writing, motivation, blocks: check out the Story Course. Smart, encouraging, practical.”
— Margaret Atwood

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I was blown away by the characters and story I created. If you stick with it and focus on it you will get a lot out of this program.”

    Entrepreneur / Coach

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I felt seen. I loved it, every single time, when I got feedback from my group and teachers. It felt amazing to have someone say something positive about my writing.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I am reminded of what Julia Child said about flipping an omelette–that to have success, you must have the courage of your convictions. I think about that with writing. I now have a big toolkit to help facilitate that. So again, thank you.”

    Literary Agent

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “The Story Intensive far exceeded my expectations. This program is brilliant! It’s probably worth 3x as much as I paid for it (or more) and I am so grateful that I could learn as much as I did without having to enroll in an MFA program.”

    Singer / Songwriter

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “For years I read books about writing, took courses, and went to workshops and writing circles. What I learned was that there is no magic key to completing stories or novels. When I took the Story Course and the Story Intensive, it felt like finding the pick to jimmy the lock.”

The Story Course Intensive works for writers at every level.

Are you a beginner?

Are you more advanced?

The Lesson Plan

Welcome + Introduction: 
Why is writing so difficult?

You’ll learn why writing is one of the most difficult creative arts to master, and that struggling to write doesn’t mean you aren’t a talented writer — it’s challenging because of the way we’ve been conditioned to use language and meaning all our lives.

You’ll also learn how to start unlearning that conditioning. 

You’ll look at your writing as a relationship, and learn how to nourish it. You’ll prepare for the upcoming lessons by setting up your space, establishing new habits and rituals, and creating a workflow that works for you. 

This lesson sets the stage for the magic to begin.

Lesson One: 
Master the Practice of Freewriting

You’ll learn the subtle art of moment to moment awareness and feel true presence while you write, so you can trust your intuition and write without judgment.

You’ll learn what “show don't tell” really means, and how to actually do it. You’ll have a chance to experience the flow state, write with more ease, and learn how to find and hold the energy in your line.  

Learning how to access this powerful energy will be the foundation for all of your writing, no matter what genre.

Lesson Two: 
How do you start a story?

Do you feel excited to write something new? Does a blank page make you anxious? 

In this lesson you’ll learn how to feel confident when you create something from nothing. You’ll understand what makes an idea worth following, and learn techniques that show you how to write a powerful beginning. 

You’ll learn how to trust what sparkles, and how to write it before it slips away from you. You’ll also learn about the key relationship between memory and imagination, and how to use this to your advantage in your writing.

You’ll feel surprised and liberated as you write compelling scenes with ease.

Lesson Three: 
Character is the heart of the story

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, I’ll teach you the art of writing characters who feel real and multi-faceted, and how to stay open and feel grounded while you do it.

You’ll practice writing composite characters, unlikeable characters, and characters who astonish you. You’ll understand how to move your reader’s heart, and how to make your characters a conduit for empathy. 

You’ll learn how to connect to your characters with integrity, so you’ll avoid pitfalls like stereotypes, clichés, and unbelievable plot twists. Your stories will feel alive and the conflicts and transformations you write will feel real.

Lesson four: 
How to love writing dialogue

Alot of writers think they are bad at writing dialogue. I’ve been teaching this lesson for years, and it always turns people around! Writing compelling conversation is a learnable skill, and you are going to find out exactly how to do it.

You’ll understand subtext — what it is, and how to work with it — and learn practical, foolproof ways to weave gold threads of sparkling dialogue into your scenes. You’re going to crack your scenes open and let the light shine in. 

You’ll explore a variety of scenes and stories to see how conversation can be sculpted in different ways, and learn levels of intimacy, voice, and subtext. You’ll practice balancing your dialogue with exposition, and you’ll learn how to avoid being too “on-point.” 

This is a really fun lesson, with a lot of play and experimentation! Once you learn how to love writing dialogue, your writing practice really starts to feel joyful.

Lesson five: 
going off track and staying present

This is my favourite lesson!  All of the tools and techniques you’ve learned in this course so far have prepared you for the unpredictable process of writing a plot. You’ll learn how to let go of story writing formulas that restrict your characters, and navigate the unknown with skill.

You’ll train yourself to trust what you don’t yet understand, so you can write a story intuitively, using first thoughts, deep noticing, interconnectedness, presence, and craft. This will feel delightful and mysterious, and your scenes will vibrate and glow with freshness.

In your practice, you’ll develop the skills you need to create a plot that feels organic, surprising, and so much better than you thought was possible.

Lesson six: 
use consciousness to organize your story

They say point of view (POV) is the most important decision you make when you write, and in this lesson, I show you why that's true. 

You’re going to look at a variety of different points of view, study good examples, and learn what POV can offer in different contexts, so you know how to use them deliberately, for effect and impact. 

You’ll learn how to narrate your story in a way that makes sense for the story, so your writing feels purposeful, artful, and saturated with truth and power. 

I will teach you a no-fail way to use your intuition with your technique. This is a dramatic shortcut to story writing that has astonished too many of us to count! I use this technique all the time — it changes everything.

Be prepared: you will create magic. 

Lesson seven: 
discover your writing style

In this lesson, you’ll read for motivation and inspiration, and learn how to articulate what you learn from other writers. 

You’ll be able to recognize and define your personal writing style, and  I’ll give you a personalized list of authors and titles that will continue to support and deepen your own work.

You’ll learn what questions you should ask if you’re writing about cultures and people who are different from you, and how to check in with yourself to make sure you’re writing with empathy and respect, so your stories aren’t unintentionally oppressive or harmful.

Finally, this lesson teaches you how to make and protect your writing time. You’re going to create a writing retreat for yourself — either at home or away — to finish your final assignment!

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “A Game-Changer”

    “This class has been a game-changer for me. I had been working on improving my craft for a year and had seen some modest improvement in my writing. However, this class not only improved my craft but caused a shift from wishing to be an author to believing I can be an author. It was like magic.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “The Story Intensive gave me permission to make writing a priority in my life and then encouraged me to keep growing my writing practice. The group of writers and the teacher I was grouped with were caring and supportive. I feel like I've been given the tools to continue successfully on my own.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “Major Compliment to My Previous Studies”

    “I went through a 2-year MFA program and [the Story Intensive] was comparable in so many ways, and was also a major compliment to my previous writing studies. The lessons, the structure, the feedback, the accountability. And the work I created in this course is actually some of my best ever. I’m surprising myself with the things I’m writing (and giving myself permission to write surprising things), and that feels amazing.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “Invaluable Resources and Techniques”

    “The Story Intensive was a great chance to focus on short stories for an extended amount of time with a small community that unites in the experience together. Sarah's teachings are heartfelt and purposeful while honoring the intuition of the individual writer. The resources and techniques are invaluable and are ones I return to again and again to increase my writing craft.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “Pulled and pried the writer out of me”

    “I started this class as a non-writer, nervous and prepared to be overwhelmed. This class pulled and pried the writer out of me! I'd never taken a writing class other than English requirements for my fine arts degree. What I had was a burning desire to get a story out of me in some form - a memoir possibly, I wasn't sure. Now I feel that I've slowly become a writer, I'm confident that I can write, that I have everything I need inside me. The course has given me the tools and confidence to continue to practice and grow.”


Writing belongs

at the centre of your life.



Your tuition includes access to all of our school’s signature offerings,
including the Story Course, Centered, and Daily Prompts!

TSC Logo Grey centered_logo_png DailyPrompts
The Story Course
Daily Prompts


The Schedule:



The Story Course Intensive Session:
August 26, 2024 – January 10, 2025

Your semester incudes:


A Handpicked Class of 6-8. Work together closely over the course of four months. You can trust this group with your writing, your heart, your wackiest glimmers. 

A Devoted Teacher Offers Feedback, Guidance, and Accountability. Our teachers are all published writers and often Intensive graduates, here to make sure you integrate the work. 

Twelve Live Check-In Calls With Your Class and Teacher. Approximately every other week, get to know your class, share your progress and see where you need more support. 

A Virtual Classroom Gives You Flexibility & Structure. Show up three days a week in our beautiful, easy-to-use online classroom for study and discussion. You do it on your time. 

Two Group Mentoring Calls with Sarah Selecky. I’m excited to meet you on Zoom, talk about your writing together, and help reframe anything that’s getting in your way. 

The Story Course Curriculum to Develop Your Craft. A powerful 8-Lesson Course full of artful techniques and creative rituals you’ll use in your writing forever.

Mind Share Sessions with Remarkable Writers. Karen Joy Fowler, Francesca Lia Block, Margaret Atwood, George Saunders, Eden Robinson, and Ann Patchett are just a few of the writers teaching  in this library. 

Skillful Feedback that Builds You Up & Makes You Better. We practice skillful feedback focuses on what works, so that your early ideas have the strength to become brilliant stories. 

Membership in Centered. Receive free access to our private writer’s forum, Centered.

Reading Assignments that Sharpen Your Writing. Move through the course’s fiction anthology, beautifully typeset and ready to print at your local shop or view on any device. 

Daily Exercises to Unfasten Your Logical Mind. The more you unfasten your logical mind, the more you’ll trust your intuition on the page. This small daily habit works magic into your everyday. 



Registration for this Semester is Closed.

There may still be a few spots available. Please contact us directly to inquire.
If you are interested in our next semester of the Story Course Intensive, please join our wait list.

Payment Plan: 

Four Payments of 
~$1,200 USD*

($4,800 total)

If you would prefer a different payment plan option, please contact us at support@sarahselecky.com.

* Includes:

Lifetime access to the Story Course and
membership in Centered from now until the end of the semester. 

Special Rates:

Story Course users:

If you already have the Story Course, you receive a $475 discount on the Story Course Intensive. (Go to the “What’s Next” lesson in the Story Course to find your coupon code. To claim your discount, click the “Enroll” button, scroll to the “Your Payment” section, click the “Have a coupon code?” link, then enter your code.)

You can also choose to donate your discount towards a scholarship for a writer in our community. Get in touch.

“This program helped me connect deeply with my voice, restore my love of and relationship with writing, and understand the craft in a nuanced, full bodied way. It’s the best gift I could have offered myself and my writing life.”
— Jill Goodacre

 Our writers finish what they start.

Past students have had their drafts accepted for workshops, contests, short story publications, literary representation, grants, award nominations, shortlists, and book deals.

More than 50 books have been
published by Intensive students.

<<  Read more about our Alumni >>

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I’ve been a part of writing groups for years. I became good at starting things but not finishing them. The Story Intensive offered a supportive environment and the tools I needed to create a short story. More importantly, it has become a cornerstone in my writing practice and broadened my writing community.”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “This is life-changing stuff. Do it. You owe it to yourself, and to your writing. It’s been almost a year and I still tell everyone about this class . . . My first ever story is coming out in June with Little Fiction | Big Truths! And all because of Sarah’s class!”

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I have nothing but excitement for those students who’ll get to write this fall—you’ll warn them the experience can be life-changing, right?”

    Author of Zolitude, longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and finalist for the Governor General's Award for Fiction

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I love the course, love it hugely. I am full of astonishment, gratitude and admiration for you. My mind is a little bit blown.”

    Author of The Red Canoe

  • Sarah Selecky Writing School

    “I completed the Story Intensive last fall, and I’ve never had a better writing class. It was hard work, but I learned so much. And wrote so much.”

“It’s incredibly empowering and you learn to find your writer’s feet in a warm and supportive environment.”
Anne-Sophie Colin


Writing makes everything better.


Frequently asked questions


I’m brand new to your school. I’m a beginner. How do I know if I’m ready for the Story Course Intensive? It sounds… intense.

It is intense! But it’s not inappropriate for beginners who are ready to commit to writing. You do not have to be familiar with the Story Course to register for the Story Course Intensive. In fact, the Intensive would be a beautiful way to introduce yourself to the Story Course: you’ll have a teacher guiding you through every lesson, and a dedicated class to support your practice. Read about the Story Course carefully before you decide if this is right for you; if the Story Course feels right, the Story Course Intensive will deepen your experience.

I’m working on a novel; I don’t write short stories. Is the Story Course Intensive right for me?

The Story Course Intensive emphasizes short story writing and reading. The curriculum is based entirely on the Story Course. But the course is designed to help all writers, including novelists, develop their writing practice by changing their writing habits (and their minds). Both of these programs will teach you how to write with immediacy, mindfulness, specificity, and integrity. You will learn how to be present as you write. You’re going to learn how to transfer an experience to a reader—and this is important for writers working in all genres.

Can I view any of the MindShare Sessions without registering for the Story Course Intensive?

The MindShare Sessions are made for current students and graduates of the Story Course Intensive, and will only be available to them for the foreseeable future.

I’m a graduate from last year—is the Intensive different this year?

Intensive graduates are welcome to take the Story Course Intensive again.

The curriculum has been recently revamped, but is based on the materials from previous years. We have added new MindShare Sessions, additional live calls, and sessions with our mental health consultant. And of course the live calls and personalized feedback during the semester will help you finish a brand new story, using the scaffolding and practice you know and love already. In addition, we give Intensive students free access to our membership community, Centered, for the duration of your semester.

What’s the difference between the Story Course and the Story Course Intensive? I’m confused.

Great question! The curriculum is the same. The Story Course is a self-paced program with lessons you can do on your own. The Story Course Intensive is the guided version of this curriculum: a live semester that includes deadlines, accountability, and feedback on all of your assignments. In the Intensive, you’ll learn faster, and you’ll stay motivated!  Check out this comparison chart to see all the differences in detail.

When do I have to be in class? Are the meetings at set times? How does this flexible schedule work, exactly?

Each week of the Story Course Intensive is the equivalent of a three-hour class, but this class time is stretched over three days to accommodate different schedules and time zones. Give yourself at least an hour a day, for three days—sometime during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday—to login to discuss the readings and lessons and to read and give feedback on other people’s assignments. The flexible part: you can login whenever you can fit an hour of focused discussion into those days. All students do not have to meet online at the same time for class discussion.

What is your refund policy?

The Story Course Intensive is a bespoke writing program with a highly intuitive and personalized enrollment process. Unlike most other writing classes, ours are deeply interconnected: every change affects the whole cohort. This is what makes this program unique, and why it works as well as it does.

Your commitment to this program creates a mutual investment with your teachers and fellow writers. It is in that promise that the magic happens.

Of course, we understand that life happens, too: it can be unpredictable, even when we make a promise in good faith.

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Can I buy this as a gift for someone else, like my mom, my best friend, or my partner?

Now, that is a sweet question. That person is lucky to have you. Yes, of course. Simply click the checkbox next to "This product is for someone else" in the order form when you enroll and the system will guide you through the process.

I’m not great with computers. Is it going to be hard to figure out all the technology?

I know. There is nothing more frustrating than fighting with technology. Despite what it might look like, I’m not a tech-loving person either. I’ve made it as simple and straightforward and intuitive as possible, for all users. I even tested it on my mom, who is “not at one with the computer” (her words), to make sure that it’s a smooth, easy process.

If you have a good high-speed connection, you’ll be set. You click on the links marked audio to listen, you click on the links that look like videos to watch. You click on the links that say download when you want to download lessons to your computer.

I also recommend printing out the lessons so you don’t have to work from your computer screen. The lessons are very pretty, even if you don’t print them in colour. And you should do all of your writing by hand, in a notebook. It all sounds easy because it really is easy! Promise.

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"There is no course like this in university, I’m certain; it’s priceless. Every time I work on it, I’m so grateful that I have it.”

— Steph VanderMeulen