Meet the Little Bird 2015 Judge!


Introducing the Little Bird Contest judge: Neil Smith! Have you read his work before? If not, go read Bang, Crunch right now. It's an incredible collection. (U.S. readers go here). His new book, Boo, comes out this May!

Story Coursers, you know a little of Neil's work – he wrote Isolettes, the story in Lesson One. But there's so much more to his writing than that.

If you love Neil Smith, if your style is magic meets real, or if you have a tendency to mix humour with sadness and/or weirdness with clarity, this just might be your Little Bird year.

You have just under one month to write, revise and submit your short story for this contest. That's plenty of time for a 2500 word story.

But before you get into it, listen to this year's Little Bird Salon. I asked Neil to be honest about what he's looking for in the contest entries this year – and his answers might surprise you.

You can listen to the Little Bird Salon recording with Neil Smith in our Free Resources.

Happy Birthday, Little Bird!
Humility and chutzpah: how to revise.



I feel like I know so much more about the inner workings of contests...for better and worse! Thank you for another insightful salon.
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Sarah Selecky

Thank you, Elle!
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