Let your heart get involved.


Commit to your writing, even when you don’t feel like there’s enough time. Even when you feel a bit incompetent. Even when you feel vulnerable and uncertain.

Make a promise to your writing, and let your heart get involved. 

It’s not just a goal you’re setting:  it’s a relationship you’re nurturing.

Make a commitment from a place of love and integrity and see how this supports you. See how the promise itself can carry you through doubt.

Put writing time into your schedule after you’ve made a commitment, not before. 

If you put writing into your calendar before your heart promises to be there for it, those dates can feel blank and burdensome, like tasks on a to-do list. 

Your writing is not an errand or meeting. It is a portal you go through, to make magic out of words as you connect to mystery.

  • Making a commitment to your writing can be a private ceremony, marked by the lighting of a candle and writing vows in your journal.

  • It can be embodied in the form of a ring or talisman, to remind you of your promise.

  • It can be an agreement made with a friend, a mutual promise to hold each other accountable to this connection to source.

  • It can also be powerfully held by a writing group or community.

What feels best for you?

Understanding more about how you react and feel about commitments gives you insight into how you can keep those commitments, and grow in confidence. 

Note: Finding your Tendency (capital “T” Tendency coined by Gretchen Rubin) can help you honour your promises and meet your goals. 

You can find your own Tendency — Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel — by taking this online quiz.

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