Drop your armour. There’s no time for perfectionism.


In the grocery store yesterday, I picked up a head of cauliflower that had been grown in California, and put it in my shopping basket. Then I looked around, feeling woozy and uncertain. What am I doing? How can I be thinking about cauliflower right now?

Lately, I’ve been living day to day as usual, but with a constant hum of anxiety in my psyche, rumbling like an idling diesel train.

Tomorrow, people are marching, praying, protesting, meditating. I am afraid, but I also feel hopeful.

This month, I’m doing this online intensive course on racism, because I want to learn how to be an ally. I’ve started reading the news in small doses (which is all my nervous system can handle). I’ve been trying to practice deep listening with everyone I meet. I’ve been thinking about my privilege. I’ve been taking extra time to appreciate everything that is exquisitely beautiful on this planet.

And I’m writing. Because in times of uncertainty, I know that creativity is dramatically healing. Writing is important. It’s active; our stories matter.

In his book “Deep Work,” Cal Newport writes about “The Grand Gesture,” and explains how a drastic change to your normal environment can motivate the work that requires intense focus.

Writing, as you know, requires that kind of focus. I can’t afford to squander my attention for very long. I want to be an ally. I want to write a story that feels true. This means I need to be aware, grounded, and connected.

How can I say this? If you have a story to write, you need to write it now.

Signing up for a writing workshop is a grand gesture. I know it costs money, and requires your time and commitment. It’s a radical change from your normal life. It’s a risk.

If you’re a writer, you might be feeling woozy and uncertain, too. Because, frankly, just shopping for vegetables feels surreal in the face of what’s happening in our world right now.

I believe in the power of honest and clear writing. I want you to drop your armour, face your fears, and get to the heart of your story. Story Is a State of Mind School will help. Our teachers are here to cultivate your creative awareness, compassion, and courage.

There’s no time for procrastination and perfectionism anymore.

Your story is important. Please write it.

If you’re ready to finish it, join us in The Story Workshop now.

Classes are filling, but we still have room for you.

With love,

[Editor’s note: this post contains information, dates, and links which are no longer relevant. For current offerings, see here.]

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