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For almost ten years, I’ve offered daily writing prompts as an annual email subscription: a new prompt every day, in your inbox.

Over 2,000 writers have been showing up regularly for this rich and mysterious work, filling blank pages with their imagination.

Prompt writers know that writing with curiosity makes their writing feel alive and full of possibility.

It only takes one day, one decision, one prompt for you to restart your writing practice.

Join me for a new way to try out my daily prompts — a 21 day reset to help revive your writing.

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Your Next Step

One of the advantages of writing together is that it magnifies that sense of possibility.

I’ve been working on a new project that finally brings our writing community together.

We have created a private membership site to support you with more depth, connection, and resources.

It’s called Centered: Space for your writing life.

Part of Centered is an improved way to experience Daily Prompts — by writing alone, together. We offer the same Daily Prompts and Story Dares that our community already loves, in a new format that provides more connection and less overwhelm.

Now that we have this new and exciting space, we’ve phased out Daily Prompts email subscriptions.

Centered has not been made available to everyone yet — it’s still in its beta phase. Your interest in Daily Prompts has made you eligible to take an early look.

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I want you to have a place to take the next step in your writing life.

It’s become clear that we can’t do this alone. We aren’t meant to do it alone. The lone, solitary writer is a myth, just like the lone, solitary hero of his eponymous journey.

There are always allies and friends who help the heroine on her journey.

In Centered, you’ll have the opportunity to join with other writers in community every day, and write and learn together.

Commit to your writing life for the long term.

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"I thought of you with such gratitude this morning. How can this simple exercise be so fulfilling and so satisfying? Words are bubbling up out of me like colorful balloons at a county fair. I've discovered an eager little writing voice who thrills to the challenge - I set my alarm, put pen to paper and sprint to the task, not giving myself more than a few seconds to contemplate the topic du jour. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Lorrie Beauchamp, Montreal, Canada

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