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What happens when you write for ten minutes a day?

Making writing a daily practice is easier than you think. Especially when you can have an irresistible writing prompt delivered straight to your inbox every day.

For five years, the daily writing prompts have been a free offering (which is why you can see examples on our social media pages). I loved that they were free. It’s become challenging for our little team to keep up with the demand, so we’re charging a small fee for them, now. 

A subscription to our daily writing prompts costs $25 a year.

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When you subscribe to our Daily Writing Prompts you’ll also receive our Story Dares, two Saturdays a month. These are for you if:

  • You’re okay with longer writing assignments.
  • You want to learn about story structure and form.
  • You want to write a growing collection of fresh stories to submit to contests and lit journals.
  • You’re curious.

Story Dares are suitable for beginners and seasoned writers alike. They’re just longer assignments, that’s all. (If they’re not for you, that’s okay—you can ignore them—but do give at least one a try!)

Trust us.

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How to Use the Daily Writing Prompts

The daily writing prompts are meant to help you make writing a daily practice. It’s amazing how ten minutes a day can add up! Having said that, the prompts are like a train. They come every day. If you miss one, you do not have to check it off your list before catching another one.

The prompt is only there to trigger your practice, however that looks for you. Instead of using the prompts to write for 10 minutes every day (or an even fiercer habit than 10 minutes a day), you may prefer to take an hour on a Saturday to work with five or six prompts. It all depends on your state of mind.

As long as you’re connecting with your creative, receptive state of mind as you write, your writing is worthwhile: however long you do it, however often you can manage it in your life. It’s the practice that counts. It’s your state of mind that counts. And these little daily writing invitations can help.

Bottom line: do whatever you need to do to keep your writing habit glittery. Put a fence around it.

Protect the sparkle. It’s not the prompts that matter: it’s the sparkle.

Plus, you may end up writing a short story that you really love with one of our daily writing prompts, in which case, be sure to consider entering our annual Little Bird Writing Contest.

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"I thought of you with such gratitude this morning. How can this simple exercise be so fulfilling and so satisfying? Words are bubbling up out of me like colorful balloons at a county fair. I've discovered an eager little writing voice who thrills to the challenge - I set my alarm, put pen to paper and sprint to the task, not giving myself more than a few seconds to contemplate the topic du jour. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Lorrie Beauchamp, Montreal, Canada

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