Courage comes before confidence.


Pretend you love writing.  

Close your eyes. Imagine working on your book. I mean, really picture it in your mind. You're sitting in a room, writing.

Envision a pile of paper beside you – that's your manuscript. It's finished. It's ready.

As you pictured yourself writing your book, how did you feel?

Did you feel love?

Did you feel warmth in your chest or throat? Was there joy there, in what you saw yourself doing? Was there energy there?

Okay, great. If that energy was there, you're golden. You can do this. What you have to do next is burn through your resistance.

That energy is your fuel. Keep imagining yourself writing and keep giving yourself that feeling, until you can make that energy last a bit longer in your body.

You have to get that fire going, until it's big enough to burn through the dampness of your procrastination, distraction, and self-doubt.

Online Writing Workshop

Registration for the Story Intensive opens today.

There are sixty-six spots available this year. I keep my classes small because I want every writer to have a lot of personal attention. The Intensive is a big fire!

There are a lot more than sixty-six people reading this post today, so I expect that the classes will fill quickly. If you know you want to do the Intensive this September, I encourage you to enroll right away.

Build your fire. Make your commitment.

Writing won't take your fear of writing away.

Writing is a choice.

You have to choose to write through your resistance and fear.

Whatever move you make – whether that means signing up for the Intensive or sitting at your writing desk today, please don't wait for your confidence to arrive before you make your move.

Courage comes before confidence.

You have to do the scary thing first. Only then, growth happens.


Sarah Selecky

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Steph VanderMeulen

The beginning is SUCH a good mental vision board meditation. I need to do this every day. Thanks, Sarah!
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