Are you an Intimate Orator?


Influence has an important role in your writing. As you understand and work with different styles and influences, you’ll learn how to find your own voice.

This is part seven of a 10-part series on style and voice. Writers in the Story Course and the Story Intensive can determine their writing style by taking the Style Diagnosis Quiz. This is a tool to help you highlight elements of style in your own work and point you to authors who may inspire you right now.

Read the rest of the Style Diagnosis series here: — BookishDeeper Than You ThinkFearlessGrounded FantasistStylistQuirky but Serious — Visceralist — Pointy With Intellect — Minimalist — Intimate Orator (below) —

Are you an Intimate Orator?

You like to write stories with a strong first person point of view, so you can make your character’s voice shine clearly through the narrative.

You want your readers to feel that they are hearing the story straight from the narrator, first-hand. Often personal and emotional in nature, sometimes even confessional, your writing always feels intimate.

You want to explore character and voice in your work, and you especially love the rhythms of oral narrative and the way oral and written storytelling can interact together.

Read the following books to learn about other Intimate Orator writers:

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