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September Retreat & Workshop in Northern California

Feel the joy of flow, and write from a more receptive state of mind. Learn how to courageously write alongside your inner critic. Use your curiosity to dissolve your resistance. Suitable for beginning or advanced writers, this retreat offers a way for participants to finally enjoy writing. Fiction, nonfiction, short stories, essays, novels, memoirs — any kind of writing will benefit from this practical and powerful approach.

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The magical powers of a bookseller.

Last month I spent some time on Cortes Island — a remote island off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. At the Hollyhock Centre, I let an incredible group of twenty writers loose in the wild every day for a week. I asked them to come back from the forest with craft lessons from… [Read More]

What Personality Type Is Your Character?

Try using personality types as a kind of scaffolding when you set characters in scene. Put them together and see how they are different, and where they are similar. When I was exploring Eleven and Lilian’s characters in my novel Radiant Shimmering Light, I made notes on their Myers-Briggs personality types. Lilian is an INFP,… [Read More]

Writing from a state of calm.

I’ve known Suzanne Andrew for more than a decade. I know her to be a prolific journalist who has always impressed me with her productivity and high standards. When I asked her to write a piece for my site this summer, it was a pleasure and a surprise to learn about the stall she felt… [Read More]

“For those asking about writing, motivation, blocks: check out Story is a State of Mind. Smart, encouraging, practical.”

— Margaret Atwood

The Story Course
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You want to feel more connected to your writing, get out of your own way, and find joy in the writing process.

You love the flexibility of a self-paced program, and you are ready to commit to a personal writing practice.

You want to learn craft, style, and technique, and improve your writing so it will stand out when it’s on an editor’s desk.

“I am so glad I pressed that button that registered me for this class. Why postpone joy? We deserve it, yes?”

— Karen Florek

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The Story Intensive

I made the Story Intensive for smart, creative people who love to read widely and want to write and publish exciting new work. Registration for the 2019 semester is now open.


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