What’s the difference between
the Story Course and the Story Intensive?

Because it’s self-paced, the Story Course writing program takes discipline and self-motivation. You work through the exercises and assignments on your own. It’s like doing a correspondence course — only without the instructor and grades. This is perfect for some writers, but it’s not for everybody.

Writing creatively is deep work, and it takes joyful effort and focus. Many writers resist writing, and especially resist finishing whatever they’re working on. Even if their avoidance causes them pain, writers often still need help getting out of their own way. I created the Story Intensive to support those writers who work and learn better with other writers.


thestorycourse_forweb_sm.pngThe Story

thestoryintensive_forweb_sm.pngThe Story

What is it?
✓ The foundation of everything that I teach. You can work through this program as many times as you like, always going deeper, getting something new and different out of it each time. ✓ Takes the base of the Story Course and deepens it with a personalized approach.
Where is it?
✓ Online ✓ Online
What's the learning style?
✓ Self-directed. ✓ In a class with other students, led by your assigned teacher.
What's included?
✓ Seven lessons (audio, videos, readings, exercises, assignments).

✓ Seven lessons (audio, videos, readings, exercises, assignments)

✓ Additional instruction on how to give and receive healthy, constructive feedback and critique.

Is there feedback, critique or live coaching?

✓ No workshop or critique component.

✓ No live coaching or support component.

✓ In class discussion about the lessons, readings, materials, writing techniques, etc.

✓ Feedback on every assignment you complete.

✓ Additional one-on-one coaching & guidance from your teacher.

✓ Live support from Sarah Selecky during three group calls throughout the semester.

✓ Plus, peer & teacher constructive critique on your final assignment.

Added bonuses?

✓ Unlimited access to the Writing Style Diagnosis test.

✓ Access to our private Story Course Facebook community.

✓ Unlimited access to the Writing Style Diagnosis test.

✓ Access to both the Story Course Facebook community, and a private Facebook group for your cohort of Story Intensive students.

✓ Plus, access to a private, students-only classroom website and forum composed of just your teacher and the 6-8 like-minded writers in your class.

✓ And unlimited access to the full Master Classes library, with well-known authors, including Margaret Atwood, Ann Patchett, George Saunders, and more.

How long do I retain access?
✓ Lifetime access to all Story Course materials, hosted on a private, members-only site.

✓ Lifetime access to all Story Course materials, hosted on a private, members-only site.

✓ Six months access to your private Story Intensive forum and classroom.

What's the timeline for completion?
✓ Self-paced and self-timed. You start when you’re ready and proceed as fast or slow as you like.

✓ Semestered, once a year (September – December).

✓ Work under deadlines, with accountability.

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