What’s changed, and what hasn’t changed.


A secret: the new Sarah Selecky Writing School hasn’t really been redesigned — we’ve just moved the furniture around, added some new photos, and spiffed up the place with softer colours that are easier on the eyes. Take a look!

Home: This is the page with the most changes. There’s my face and my name now, and a picture of me in my living room. This school started in my living room, many years ago — it felt right to bring the school back here. Especially because I want you to feel at home here.

The Blog: I’ve been publishing essays here twice a month for the past six or seven years. That’s a lot of material! The new blog is easier to navigate, with lots of white space. There’s a search function right at the bottom, so you can find classic articles from past years, like How to Track Your Submissions, or What I Learned About Writing from Critical Theory.

The Story Course: The original foundation course that teaches you how to write in a better way, by talking to yourself with compassion instead of punishment. Same humane writing guidance. Same innovative resources that can change everything. Same left-brain breaking writing techniques delivered to challenge you and make you a better writer, with love and spirit.

Special note for Story Course students — when you login, you’ll see that we’ve kept the colours in the classroom because they’re coded for each lesson. Just in case you’ve imprinted on those colours in a synesthesic way like I have! (Dialogue is green, Character is light blue.)

The Story Intensive 2018: This breakthrough-making class starts in September, right on schedule! And Story Course students are invited to enroll at a discount, as always. Get on the list to be notified.

Writing Practice Sessions: This simple, meaningful workshop has been growing in popularity and delight, so it’s going to continue to be a regular offering now.

Pens and Cards: One of our special courses, run by Theresa Reed and myself at Skybarn in Prince Edward County, this October. I’m really excited about this workshop, and the mystical light flare in the photo.

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the school. After you’ve had a chance to take the tour, let me know what you think!

Please share this site with your writing friends and colleagues who are looking for a place to learn and practice writing.

Writers need to write. I’m here to help.

Thank you for being part of this community, and for keeping it real.


Sarah Selecky

[Editor’s note: this post contains information, dates, and links which are no longer relevant. For current offerings, see here.]

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