Lindsey Smith

Lindsey Smith is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. Her fiction has been published in Little Bird Stories Volume VI and her non-fiction in ENTROPY. She lives in
Houston, Texas with her husband and son. Find her at

Iwas just a baby writer when I found the Story Course. I had written—or rather micromanaged into existence— two stories that I did not like, and I was actively looking for answers. In Paris Review interviews. On the thirtieth page of a Google search. In SEO-laden copy from strangers promising me a fiction writing formula that would rock my socks. I remember it vividly. All that angst and fear calcified inside of my body. All that compulsive clicking. What I wanted was to know how people did it. How did everyone else will their stories into beautiful being?

But then I found the Story Course. When I slipped in my ear buds and pressed play on lesson one, something shifted. Sarah’s voice helped, I think. She was calm, knowing. And under her influence, I did my very first freewrite.

Freewriting changed everything. I unclenched my writing fist and started allowing for a little magic, a little mystery. Freewriting, for me, is the not-so-secret secret, the answer. It’s my meditation. It’s where I discover who I am and what obsesses me. It’s where all the juicy stuff comes from.

Sarah and her school demystified the act of writing for me, the very physical act of Being a Writing Writer. The Story Course and later the Story Intensive gave me a new family, a new language, and a new found respect for my subconscious mind. It helped me find and trust my own unique process for bringing stories into the world. That’s why I love this school and why it’s such an honor now to be part of the teaching staff.

I love being part of these full-scale paradigm shifts, these creative ahas. I love dissolving the idea that as writers we need permission to do what we do. Most of all, I love the writers I meet here.