Letters from Sarah Selecky

Kathy Martens

Kathy Martens is a writer of memoir, creative non-fiction, and short stories. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Los Angeles, and the Sarah Selecky Writing School Story Course and Story Intensive. Her recently published memoir Born Again, Again: That time I fell down a rabbit hole and spent twenty-two years as a Bible thumping, tongue speaking, Gospel preaching Born Again Christian. And then I woke up was a #1 New Release on Amazon and a finalist in both the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and the 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards. Kathy lives where the mountains soar to meet the blue in the Far Northern Hinterlands of California where she spends her time hanging out with her bff (aka hubby of 38 years), creating with curiosity and courage, being routinely gobsmacked by the beauty of nature, and imagining a kinder, more just world. Some of her other bloggy musings can be found at her website: kathymartens.com.

You write some words. You think maybe you’ve got something. Sometimes it’s just a wee glow in a pile of ash, but sometimes it’s a shower of bright sparks that pop and sparkle. Where’d that come from? Did I write that?

Wouldn’t it be fun to regularly unearth those shiny treasures? To find a way to trust they’ll show up? When you experience the Story Intensive you’ll learn how to breathe into that glow, how to nurture the sparks so something surprising can burst into light.

Curiosity and Courage. Oh yes, and Permission: love child of Curiosity and Courage. These are the magical friends that joined my life when I stumbled into the brilliant world of Sarah Selecky. Boy howdy, when this little family adopts you, it’s truly a homecoming for the wound-too-tightly creative soul. Exhale. You’re safe now.

Sarah brings a beautiful finesse to pairing the rigors of skill honing with the wonder of following the lights. Her love-centered approach permeates everything the Writing School offers. Turns out, you don’t have to intimidate, scare, or beat people into excellence. It can actually be brought forth in a much kinder and gentler way, without sacrificing craft or precision. This worldview is gathered spectacularly in the faculty, staff, and writers that call this school home. And the community that gathers around that energy: a rare find.

When you entrust your vulnerability to the teachers and the process here, you too will get acquainted with Curiosity, Courage, and Permission. Can’t wait for you to meet my family; you’re gonna love ‘em.