Diana Radovan

Diana Radovan is a multilingual writer and writing coach currently living in the greater Munich area, Germany, where she regularly cohosts trans-disciplinary events with local artists. She believes in the unlimited power of writing in general and storytelling in particular in redefining our over-rehearsed self-narratives. Her work has won many awards since 2004 and has appeared in Text+Bild, The Tupelo Quarterly, Liternet, Ora-De-Timiş (creative non-fiction), Other Voices, Hopernicus (fiction), Evadarea din sine (poetry), and elsewhere. In Munich, she often reads and performs her written work in The Munich Readery, Lost Weekend, and other locations. Additionally, she works as a medical writer and holds a PhD in Chemistry.

The outer world will not end if you stop writing, but your inner world might. And you may not know this now. But if you are like me, if you feel cranky and restless when you don’t get to spend time alone daydreaming and working on your writing, if you want to be authentic, but also to learn how to craft your writing, then Sarah Selecky Writing School is for you. I would love to be part of your unravelling process to your authentic writing and your authentic self. I would like you to know that you are not alone in this and that this is a safe space where we can all share real experiences. The more we share the better it will be.

So here’s me, sharing the most vital thing I learned back when I was a Sarah Selecky Writing School student: “Your writing is you.” To foster a healthy relationship with my writing, I need(ed) to develop and maintain a true relationship with my authentic self, which means allowing myself to be(come) brutally honest in my daily life and in my (daily) writing (practice), and whenever my mind tells me you cannot write like this, or, you could never publish this, how can you even think you could? to not listen to those thoughts and just keep going. To imagine that nobody ever needs to read this, that I am writing for myself first of all, and I don’t need to make my writing nice or cute or digestible for anyone else at this stage. I only need to keep it true, raw and real to myself. It is perfectly fine to give my analytical brain a rest; it’s going to be a reliable and much needed partner in the self-editing process later.

I would be honoured to guide you through your own journey to your authentic writing and your authentic self, to help you to build craft, to help you to create and maintain a healthy living and writing practice, and to be offered the privilege to learn from your writing struggles and creative process.