Candice May

Candice May lives on a remote gulf island in British Columbia, Canada. As a younger writer, her short fiction and poetry appeared in The Claremont Review, and her poetry chapbook, A Letter From India, was published by Leaf Press. Recently, her creative non-fiction has appeared in The Porter House Review, and she was a finalist in the 2019 Craft Literary Short Fiction Prize. She is currently writing a collection of short stories.

Iam a two time alumni of The Story Intensive, and am thrilled to be joining this remarkable cohort of Intensive teachers. As a student, The Story Intensive revived my writerly self back to life. Before taking the Intensive, I was pecking at writing like a hungry bird. Scribbling in my journal, dabbling here and there, frustrated that I wasn’t writing stories and poetry, even though that was the thing I wanted to do the most.

I joined the Intensive (twice), and found myself immersed in exactly the kind of writing community I so needed. The exercises and assignments, lessons and structure, writing friends, and supportive teachers all helped to sustain and nourish my writing practice. I was pointed back towards myself, and I still write from this place, everyday.

I learned that having a writing community is invaluable. We don’t have to write alone. When we get stuck, bored, procrastinate, or avoid writing (it’s okay, we all do it), we can turn to our writing group for motivation and inspiration. I am a big fan of online writing classes, and take many of them myself. But I have yet to find one comparable to the Sarah Selecky Writing School. Here, writing and writing practice are treated with utmost respect. I understand the drive
that brings writers to their work—it can be nearly primal. There is often an irresistible urge to write, a gnawing at the soul. Here, we learn how to access that part of ourselves so we can write from this deepest, truest place. There is plenty of un-learning and loosening up. Practice and play. We discover our voice again, or for the first time.

The Story Intensive is the place to find your inner writer again, if you’ve lost them. It’s a place to meet with writers who are wise, supportive, and brave. And it’s a place to learn more about craft technique — expert lessons on how to write better drafts.

I love the balance of structure and surprise that the Intensive offers. You will read, you will write, you will stay on track. You will find your community and break down barriers that get in between you and your work. This is magical, life-affirming stuff. I so look forward to meeting you and your writing!